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8 Do’s and Don’ts For Social Media Influencers

In social media, like everything in life, there are some things you do and some things you shouldn’t do. And there are more and more people watching you as your online presence increases, and therefore you have to be really considered of what’s published in your channels.

The do’s

1 – Do model behavior

You start getting used to a high level of exposure as your number of followers increases – yet, you never have to deal with it directly like celebrities do, it’s more like a ‚digital‘ fame. Yet, everything you post on social media is not only shared with your followers but with the whole world of social media users. Do not post anything that can compromise you, publish posts that show a exemplary attitude and inspire your followers to have the same behavior.

2 – Do promote your work

It’s good to publish other people’s work once in a while but use your online popularity to expose your work as well and let others know of your talent. Original work adds value to your social media and to yourself as an influencer.

3 – Do practice positivism

People like to be around others who make them feel good, so if you’ve got an encouraging word to say, if you have really liked something or if you’ve found out something you find amazing, go ahead and like it, comment it and share it. Don’t forget to create content that will inspire your followers and make them smile.

4 – Do find your voice

If you have no voice, no personality and nothing new and valuable to say, then it’s worthless to be online – anybody could be doing that. Social media is great for sharing, so make sure what you have is worth to be shared and that your message is shareable across different social media channels.

5 – Do focus on quality instead of quantity

Posting on social media should be regular, but if you ever have to choose between quantity or quality, choose quality. Followers are most more likely to stop following you for spam or bad content than they are for you not posting once in a while.

6 – Do build social relationships

You have to be a friend to get friends. If someone asks a question on YouTube, do not ignore them. It’s good to reply. If there’s an influencer asking for recommendations on social media, go ahead and give yours if they may be valuable. You wouldn’t ignore or refuse help to someone in person, so why do it offline?

7 – Do know who you are trying to reach

At the end of the day being an influencer still has some marketing attached, and you have to have a clear idea of who you want to reach if you want to have the right followers and the right engagement in your channel. It is very important to create the persona of your ideal user and then describe who is that persona: what are her interests? Where is she? What’s her age? What does she like? Where would she be online? Which kind of language should you use to approach her?

8 – Do have a good and complete profile

Again, two things: one, it’s marketing at the end of the day, and second, quality is very important. Make your profile out of ordinary, communicate eloquently, share your social media accounts in the different channels and make it easy for your followers to contact you.

The don’ts

1 – Don’t be fake

We know that not everything posted on social media is real, but keeping appearances will get you tired and will make your followers tired of you. Be yourself. People like to follow who’s authentic and relatable.

2 – Don’t share unhappiness

Even though it is part of life and we encourage you to be real, we advise you to keep depressing posts to a minimum. Like we have said, you’re exposed to the whole world realistically speaking, and social media shouldn’t be used as a platform of confessions of sorrow.

3 – Don’t neglect other tasks

If you have many social media channels, make sure to keep them equal in terms of content. Do not post much more on YouTube than on Twitter, do not let your Instagram outshine your Facebook page, and vice-versa. It is important to keep all your channels active.

4 – Don’t be needy

You wouldn’t beg someone to be your friend in real life, would you? Then why would you do it online? You can promote your posts and channels, but you should not ask people to follow you nor to share or even like your content. The best kind of likes and engagement are the ones you got without asking.

5 – Don’t spam

Who likes spam? No one, and we all try to avoid it – in our mail box, our e-mail box, and in social media as well. Just do not do it – as simple as that. Constantly posting uninteresting information or the same message over and over will only annoy your followers and motivate them to stop following you – which is a shame after all the effort you made to get them, don’t you think?

6 – Don’t imitate the competition

Once again, be who you are. What the competition is doing may be working for them, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it would work for you. Besides, nobody enjoys copies, and people will sooner or later realize you’re acting fake.

7 – Don’t be a know-it-all

Despite the fact that social media connects people, there is still some distance, and the comfort of being on the other side of street may gives us the courage to act in a more arrogant way. Don’t say anything on social media that you wouldn’t say in public and always keep your posture.

8 – Don’t neglect your language

It is very important to communicate clearly. Pay close attention to grammar and spelling and interact with your followers naturally.

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