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8 Social Media Tips for a Small Budget

You find a theme absurdly interesting and you believe you can create a social media page with it – however, even with the great potential ideas, obstacles can occur – which is normal. Usually they involve limitation of resources such as money. However, if big social media influencers could overcome these barriers so can you. Better than having lots of resources is to manage them smartly, and these tips may help you grow on social media. can overcome these barriers and so can you.

1 – Choose the right platform

Being in different social media platforms requires time, planning, design, content, etc, etc, etc. In other words, you’ll have to invest a lot in each social media platform – the good news is that you do not need to be everywhere, just in the right places, being those places where your desired audience is and where they will share and engage with your content more.

2 – Go beyond content

We have said on this blog over and over again that content is important, and probably the main reason why your followers keep coming back to your page, but go further than that: run contests, write call to actions, post several forms of content and ask for your followers‘ opinion.

3 – Engage with your followers

It is important to focus on the number of ‚likes‘ you have, but never underestimate the number of shares and the comments you have. ‚Likes‘ won’t make your phone ring for business opportunities, how you engage with your audience will. Build a relationship with your followers by listening to what they have to say, replying to their comments and to their questions and by publishing interesting content. Remember: people nowadays no longer buy products, they buy relationships.

4 – Follow and engage with other influencers

Influencers have lots of followers who comment and share their content. Those followers also take a look at what other people wrote, and if you are there, you are seen. Besides, never underestimate the power of networking – build relationships with other influencers and they may advice you on the business or even advice you to someone.

5 – Plan a strategy

It is important to spend some time reflecting on your content and your page in order to hit the interests of the audience you want to reach. Think of the design, how you can make your content and pages stand out from the crowd and where and when it is going to be publish.

6 – Recycle your content

It is important to publish content regularly in your social media pages, but we know it is hard to create new content every single day – the solution is to recycle your old content by publishing it again. While this tip won’t work for every social media platform, is a good one for those of you who have blogs, Facebook pages, Tumblr or Twitter.

7 – Reddit & Quora it

Find who’s potentially interested in Reddit and Quora by searching for questions and suggest your content in the comments.

8 – Make a low budget marketing campaign

Small marketing campaigns can be very successful for those who are just starting. You can target an audience and reach potential new users with an investment of $50 or lower – does not sound so bad, does it?

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