Become a Better Person With Google Goals

Hey! We’ve got an appdate for you 🙂 As you may have realized by now, we live in world based on performance. The more we do and the more we do well, the better we are and the more fulfilling we feel. Every day we have appointments or tasks we have to take – sometimes even both: work, lunch, work, gym, shower, dinner, washing-up, walking your dog, and this without counting with the WhatsApp conversations we have to reply to, the books we want to read, the podcasts we want to listen to, etc. When we don’t do those things, we feel what specialists call „FOMO“, Fear Of Missing Out.

To help you meet your goals, Google has created Google Goals. There you can write down your goals, how often you want to realize certain tasks and add reminders so you don’t forget any appointment you have. To know better how it works, check out the video bellow and watch Brad’s story:

We want to do our best both in our professional and personal life, and the real challenge is to feel productive while feeling that we are enjoying life at the same. Google Goals can help you and also remind you that the real happiness isn’t only in the goals themselves but in the journey we take to reach them.

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