Twitter celebrates 10 years

And so Twitter completes a decade. Considering the world we live in nowadays, where everything moves fast and nothing is meant to last, 10 years is already a long time, especially for a company that remains on top of its game. Twitter is still one of the most famous and used networks of today, with 500 million tweets sent per day.

To celebrate this date, Twitter has released a video with some of the highest moments the network testified.

And it all started with an idea a team put into practice. And this was the first tweet that came from that idea:

It is good to see that something so huge can be accomplished. It remind us that our dreams can also be accomplished – and Twitter actually works, for many of us, as a way for that to happen: it connects us, it puts our business and projects out there, and it allows us to engage even more with people.

And Twitter has also been a stage for memorable moments. Do you remember this one?

Yap, it is still the most retweeted post at the time.

Katy Perry has been mentioned a lot in this birthday party because she’s the most followed person on Twitter. And speaking of ‚mentioned‘, if there was an award for most mentioned user on Twitter, it would go to Justin Bieber. Wonder which tweet and users will be the most popular in 10 years.

Happy birthday, Twitter! We hope there are still more years to come.

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