We’ll Teach You How To Use SharePop

Do you want to learn everything there is to know about the platform that helps you to monetize your influence? Apparently many of you do because we receive many questions from you!

How do I promote campaigns?

Where can I promote my campaigns?

When will I get paid?

I do not live in the US, can I still use SharePop?

We are happy to receive these questions, not only because we love to help but also because it is good to see how interested you are in using SharePop. However, we wanted you to have quicker answers to your questions and understand in a simple way how our platform works, so we created the SharePop Academy.


The SharePop Academy is extremely easy to use. You have 4 courses with succinct information on 4 different chapters:

1 – Everything you need to get started

2 – How you can promote your campaigns, with integration examples that show how you can promote and guidelines on what you can and cannot do.

3 – Everything you have ever wanted to know about coins and our payment procedure

4 – Small yet important notes that you need to take into consideration

To open one of these chapters you just need to click on its title.


You can read all our courses or just take the courses you believe you need.

Our Academy will be the first thing you see in our platform if you are a first time user. However, if you have been using us for a while but would like to visit this page, you just need to add ’sharepop-academy‘ to our URL after you log into the platform, like this:


Of course this does not mean you cannot send us more questions – we love to help, and you should ask what is not clear to you. We just thought that vising our Academy can lead to not having to wait for a reply from us, as the answer may be right there, and we believe this page can educate you better on how to use SharePop.

If you have any suggestions, questions or comments about the SharePop Academy, feel free to leave them in the comment section below.

Now, the school bell is ringing. It is time to start 😉

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