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What Spider-Man Can Teach us About Being an Influencer

I know what you’re thinking. ‚Spider-Man? Was he a social media influencer?…‘ Well, not in the story, yet there’s a lot we can learn with this character’s about being a social media influencer and what you need to make it.


Do it, even if you don’t get credit

It wasn’t easy for this Marvel’s superhero. The local newspaper described him as villain, the police was looking for him, and many people questioned the reasons behind his actions. Yet, he still fought crime and did what he believed was best for his city.

It takes time to become a social media influencer. You won’t build an audience over night. You’ll need time and hard work to become credible and be noticed, and then it takes a while for people to realize ‚I want to follow this guy‘. Still, do it: create content, design your page and start building your network – even if no one is watching yet, do the best you can.

Remember, someone is counting on you

Despite of all that, Spider-Man knew there was someone out there who needed him. Whatever you are creating and publishing on social media, it came from an idea you had and you believe it’s amazing and catchy.

You need a big audience to be considered an influencer, but that takes some time and work and many people feel a bit demotivated in the process – don’t. Even when you only have 200 people listening to you, remember that they enjoy what you’re doing and they are counting on your content.

Your online influence will grow eventually, and your content is interesting to someone already (people wouldn’t follow you otherwise), so keep your focus because you’re already on the right track.

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The most important thing is how you respond

This is linked with what is written above: things can difficult – you can’t find sponsors, the engagement level decreases for some reason, you’re super tired and demotivated, but the most important thing is how you respond to these situations. Spider-Man had to face really bad moments, but what made him a true superhero was not his incredible superpowers, was the ability to never give up.

Be who you are

It seems awesome to be Spider-Man – I mean, who wouldn’t like to go to school or work in those spider webs? However, being a disguised superhero chased by the police and a geeky, shy young man off that red and blue suit wasn’t easy – especially because Spider-Man was a reality he was keeping in secret.

Yet, there is a little bit of Parker in Spider-Man, and a bit of Spider-Man in Parker. Although two different personas, you can see the real person behind them.

The same applies to social media influencers: most of them present an online persona they have created but the most popular ones tend to show very well who they as a normal individual, and this plays in their favor because one of the reasons why people love social media influencers is how relatable they are.

We have, for instance, explored in here how one of the ingredients behind PewDiePie’s success is how authentic he is to his audience. It is worth taking a look at.

With great power comes great responsibility

This remarkable principle was once said by uncle Ben and it applies perfectly to many people, including Spider-Man himself and social media influencers.

People in power have the temptation to choose what is in their own interests instead of doing what is right for the world. This superhero had the power to make the world a better place, and he usually would go for that option, even if things didn’t turn out his way.

The same goes for you. When you’re a social media influencer, others are listening to your suggestions and recommendations, and there’s a strong change that someone is going to take your advice, so think wisely on what to do, how to communicate and on what is best for your audience. If you choose to show this more comprehensive and friendly side to your followers, there’s a better chance that you’re going to be successful in this business.

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