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What You Really Want to Know About The Best Time to Post on Facebook

Just posting content on your Facebook page is not enough to reach your audience and create engagement – the time when your post is published also matters, and even though there’s no formula that determines the perfect answer for when to post, there are many factors that influence the optimization of your content and, consequently, page.

First things first, there are some things you should consider:

  • Targeted regions: where is the audience you want to reach?
  • Targeted audience: who are they?
  • Goals: do you want more clicks on your post? More likes? More shares? Considering all these ‚goals‘, which ones are priority to you right now? In other words, how do you want your target audience to interact with your page?
  • Number of posts: how many posts you can afford to publish per day without coming across as amateur nor spam?

Furthermore, we can also look at the impressions social media gives us.


Engagement is the interaction your audience has with what you publish. It goes from the number of ‚likes‘ your content received to its number of shares and even clicks. Weekends are also super engagement friendly.

According to recent research, the weekdays where most engagement happens is on Thursdays and Fridays. Engagement falls considerably from Monday to Wednesday.


The reason why we said you that the targeted regions should be considered is because they may be present in different time zones, and if you want to publish for best optimized results, you should consider the hour the clock strikes.

The good news are that many hours are good hours to publish on Facebook. In fact, any hour from 9AM to 7PM is considered good. However, keep in mind that most shares seem to happen to posts published between noon and 1PM, and posts published around 3PM get more clicks – so it really depends on how you want your audience to interact with your content.

You should also look into the small details of your audience: who are they? Are they students? Workers? Considering this may lead you to know when they check their Facebook feed more often. For instance, it is said that the reason why posts published between noon and 1PM receive lots of engagement because it’s lunch break and people have time to check their Facebook.

Once again, there is not a perfect answer, and time alone won’t make your Facebook page successful. Yet, Facebook pages that follow these steps tend to have more favorable results – so what are you waiting for to try them out?


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